• Jimmy Peck, Pastor

    Carolyn Peck, Women's Ministry

    Jimmy and Carolyn Peck have been married 45 years with three girls Jill, Mary Ann and Jenny. They have been blessed with 7 grandchildren. Jimmy began preaching in 1976 and was ordained by the Congregational Holiness Church in 1979.  He has served as  Pastor for Welcome Worship Center and Rock Hill CH Church.   All together he has served for 20 years as Pastor for Welcome, 6 years in 1979 to 1985 and then for the past 14 years until now. He has served as North Georgia Christian Education Director for 6 years and on the North Georgia District Presbytery for 6 years.

  • Mike Young, ASsociate Pastor

    Cheri Young, church secretary

    Mike became the associate pastor of Welcome Worship Center in 2016.  His wife Cheri is the church secretary.

  • Keith and Jodi McCallister, Youth Ministry Leaders

    Keith and Jodi McCallister serve as Youth Pastors.  

  • Davis and amber keener,  Children Ministry pastors

    Davis and Amber Keener serve as the children's pastors.